What Is Seller Amp?

What Is Seller Amp?

April 16, 2024


Seller amp is an Amazon product research tool that helps sellers save hours of time by enabling them to quickly identify potential profitable products for sale on Amazon. It provides valuable data about products, such as BSR, category, minimum, maximum, and average Buy Box price, the number of FBA and FBM sellers and their offers, as well as estimated sales, profit, ROI, and break-even unit prices. URL

Unraveling the Potential of Seller Amp: A Closer Look

This software service comes with a range of powerful features that simplify the sourcing process. These include a comprehensive database of product data, an intuitive interface, and a variety of useful tools. In addition, it has a user-friendly mobile barcode scanner that makes it easy to scan products from stores and use them on Amazon. It also supports multiple sheets and custom formulas, making it easy to share and search results with teammates.

Additionally, it has a comprehensive IP-Alert system that alerts sellers to potential intellectual property issues. Moreover, the tool’s Bulk Restriction Checker effectively identifies gated products, including hazmat, oversize, meltable, and fragile flags. It is also a trusted partner of Amazon that adheres to secure data-sharing practices and can be used confidently by sellers.

However, despite these valuable features, SellerAmp is still more expensive than other alternatives available on the market. The cheapest plan has stringent lookup limits, making it less practical for sellers who research hundreds of products per month. Besides, it is not as fast as other alternatives like Tactical Arbitrage or RevSeller.

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