What Is Live Resin?

What Is Live Resin?

October 8, 2023

what is live resin

What is live resin distillates are a great choice for many, there are still plenty of cannabis lovers who prefer the full-spectrum benefits that live resin offers. Unlike distillates, which are made from dried and cured flower, live resin is created from plant material that’s frozen shortly after harvest and delicately extracted to preserve the maximum amount of terpenes. This full-spectrum approach results in a more potent and flavorful concentrate that offers an immersive cannabis experience.

Live resin can be found in a variety of forms, from hard gummies to runny honey-like dabs. The consistency of live resin can vary depending on how it’s produced and what part of the plant was used for extraction. Typically, live resin is dark yellow in color and malleable to the touch. It’s also more likely to have a strong THC content than most other types of concentrate, with some containing up to 90% THC.

How To Enjoy Live Resin

Like most other types of concentrate, live resin is most commonly enjoyed by dabbing. For the best results, start with a smaller dose and gradually work your way up. This is because live resin tends to be more potent than other concentrates and can overwhelm some consumers.

To vaporize live resin, you’ll need a dab rig with a torch and a banger or nail. Set the nail aside on a non-stick surface or dab mat and prepare your dab tool by scooping a small amount of live resin and placing it in the nail. Heat the banger or nail until it glows slightly, then place the live resin on top and inhale. If you’d rather not use a dab rig, you can also add live resin to the end of a pre-roll or to your ground cannabis in a regular pipe and consume it that way.

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