What is Co-Codamol?

What is Co-Codamol?

September 15, 2023


buy co-codamol uk is a combination of 2 different painkillers – paracetamol and codeine. It is used to treat aches and pains including headaches, muscular pain, migraines and toothache. It is most effective when used as the first sign of pain, rather than waiting until the pain becomes worse. It is possible to become addicted to the codeine in co-codamol but this can be prevented by taking it as directed. If you think that you or someone else may have a problem with co-codamol addiction then call Priory for free and confidential advice.

It is not recommended for pregnant women, as small amounts of the codeine in co-codamol can get into breast milk and cause breathing problems in the baby. However, some doctors may prescribe co-codamol if they think it is better than other painkillers for the mother or baby.

Co-Codamol: A Controversial Pain Management Option

If you take too much co-codamol it can lead to overdose and death. If this happens you will need urgent medical treatment. Signs of overdose include difficulty breathing, blue-tinged lips or nails, constricted pupils, extreme drowsiness and loss of consciousness. The higher strengths of co-codamol are only available on prescription from a doctor.

Like all medicines, co-codamol can cause side effects although not everyone gets them. Most of the time, these are not serious and happen in less than 1 in 100 people. You can find a full list of side effects in the leaflet inside your medicine packet or contact the UK safety scheme.

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