Waterproof Socks For Women – Buying Guide

Waterproof Socks For Women – Buying Guide

July 9, 2023

Whether you’re going hiking in rain or snow, crossing rivers and streams or even if you just want to stay dry while exercising outdoors there is a pair of waterproof socks that will suit your needs. Designed for use under outdoor footwear, they are lightweight and fit in the shoes without any bulk. They have a soft toe seam and are ribbed at the top, making them durable and keeping them in place. They also feature a membrane that is breathable, wicking away sweat and odors from the feet while they dry.

What are the disadvantages of waterproof socks?

Most waterproof mens socks are comprised of three layers, with the outer and inner layer providing comfort, insulation and a great fit. The middle layer is where all the magic happens and this is usually made from a material such as nylon, acrylic or merino wool. The membrane prevents water from getting in, but also lets moisture from your feet evaporate through solid state diffusion.

One of the main disadvantages of waterproof socks is that they are not as breathable as normal hiking socks, especially when they’re covered with mud, dirt and sweat. This is because the inner layer is in direct contact with your skin, and it is important that it has a high level of breathability to keep your feet comfortable.

The length of the waterproof socks is another consideration as this can make a difference to how they perform. For example, the short waterproof socks are ideal for wearing with short boots and are most commonly used by hikers, while the longer waterproof socks are perfect for those who need them when walking in long grass or for river crossings.

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