Water-Resisting Basement Products

Water-Resisting Basement Products

June 13, 2021

Water ingress – Pat is a unique combination of a physical and chemical barrier which is enforced by the application of a vapor retardant coating to the concrete floor. This product offers a number of advantages including; water proofing in areas of high humidity, it provides excellent sound absorption when applied to the concrete slab floors, the coating is available in a variety of colours and is very durable. The physical property of this product is that it acts as an insulator and thus prevents heat transfer from the slab floor to surrounding components.

Pumping For Domestic Basements-Water ingress – Pat

Water ingress – Pat, as its name suggests, is used for both vertical and horizontal application; it provides an immediate, permanent, tangible barrier to water ingress on concrete slabs. The six T shaped ribs give a sturdy secure Anchorage to the concrete for an effective sealing seal. Water stop is also an effective tool for controlling surface water infiltration through cracks and crevices. Water stop can be used as a complementary product to water ingress – Pat, as it not only offers an effective sealing seal to the concrete but also enhances the appearance and durability of the concrete.

Welded mesh – is another common water-resisting basements product which comes in two versions. In the horizontal model, a narrow channel or slot is run through the welding – a very effective method for water ingress control in vertical applications. In the vertical installation, the channel runs vertically through the concrete and is perpendicular to the surface it is intended to seal.

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