Used Commercial Coffee Equipment – Essential Equipment For a New Coffee Shop

Used Commercial Coffee Equipment – Essential Equipment For a New Coffee Shop

September 26, 2023

used commercial coffee equipment

Outfitting your coffee shop with used commercial coffee equipment is an important step in ensuring that you’re ready to open on time and to serve the highest-quality drinks. However, the upfront costs of some commercial equipment may be prohibitive for new operators. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to get the equipment you need without breaking your budget. One way is to purchase used commercial coffee equipment, which can save you up to a third of the cost of brand new equipment.

For example, a new Modbar espresso machine can cost as much as $30,000 and requires professional installation. By comparison, a used one can be purchased for as low as $13,000. Other pieces of coffee and espresso equipment can also be purchased used, including grinders (which are often more affordable than the commercial machines themselves), a tamping mat and a knock box.

Upgrade Your Coffee Service: Exploring the Best Commercial Coffee Machines on the Market

Many coffee shops offer a variety of baked goods to their customers, so if yours does too, you’ll need a quick and reliable commercial oven. The best option is a conveyor or pop-up toaster that baristas can easily access, and our commercial toaster buying guide has more details on choosing the right model for your business.

The most essential coffee, espresso and beverage equipment for a new coffee shop includes a commercial espresso machine that is durable enough to withstand high volume environments and can brew up to 360 cups of black coffee per hour. It should be large enough to meet demand during peak hours, and it should include a steam boiler for making lattes and other complex espresso-based drinks.

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