Toenail Surgery in Shepparton

Toenail Surgery in Shepparton

November 26, 2021

A doctor will use special tools to remove an ingrown toenail. During the procedure, the ingrown section of the nail is cut off in a vertical fashion. The ingrown part of the toenail is cleaned. A wedge may be placed under the ingrown section to hold it in place. After the ingrown toenail is removed, the surgeon will remove the entire toenail. The toenail will be slightly narrower than usual. A snug elastic band will be applied to the toe to prevent it from moving while you’re sitting.

How to Toenail Surgery in Shepparton

After toenail surgery Shepparton removal, patients should rest for a few days after the procedure. Typically, patients are advised to avoid bumping the toe for a few days. The area may be tender or even swollen for a few days, but will heal within a few weeks. The surgery usually only takes around an hour, but it is important that patients avoid strenuous activities for several days.

The process of toenail removal is an outpatient procedure. It is an entirely sterile procedure that is performed in a sterile environment. The ingrown toenail is caused by trauma to the nail or improper cutting. In order to treat it, you should undergo the procedure to relieve the pain and keep the nail from growing back. A chemical treatment called phenolisaton will help remove the infection from the ingrown toenail.

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