Tips to Prepare Your Windows for a Shutter Installation in Australia

Tips to Prepare Your Windows for a Shutter Installation in Australia

December 29, 2020


Windows shutters are one of the best ways to add the finishing touch to the outside of your home. They give you a nice design and decorative function while providing your home with more natural light. For many homeowners who are looking to do a little remodelling, shutters can give their home a modern and clean look. But, before you get started with shutter installation, there are a few things you should know to avoid a disastrous mistake. Here are some tips to prepare your windows for a successful shutter installation:

Make sure that your shutters are installed properly. Some homeowners make the mistake of installing the shutters without taking them down first. This is not only wrong but can lead to damage to the windowsills, and frames as well as damaging the window frame. If possible, try to avoid installing shutters if you are at all possible. Leaving them up can help protect your home from wind and rain which could otherwise weaken the window frames or damage them entirely.



Before anything else, check and double check that your windows are open. If they are not opened, you will run the risk of having the installation do more harm than good. You should be able to test the opening of the window by gently pulling on the shutter to ensure that it does not lock up or become stuck. Doing this simple step will save you plenty of time and money in the long run.

Clean your windows. This is especially important if you have just had the shutter installed. Sweep, wipe, and use a damp cloth to wipe off dirt and debris that may have accumulated on your windows during the installation process. After the installation is done, you do not want any part of your home left untouched by dirt and debris. If you do not clean your windows, you run the risk of your windows becoming damaged because of mould and mildew.

The next tip to prepare your windows for a shutter sale is to clean the frame. The most common problem of windows after the installation is that they will develop mildew and mould. If left unattended, these issues can make their way into the walls and even into your ceiling. This will damage the entire house and may even require repairs. To avoid this problem, it is a good idea to have your windows cleaned by a professional before the shutter is installed.

The final tip to prepare your windows for a shutter sale is to make sure they are properly maintained. A regular cleaning routine will go a long way towards keeping them from deteriorating. It will also prevent future problems from occurring. Make sure you have a professional clean your windows once you have the shutter in place. This will help them to last for many years and will prevent you from needing to replace them in a few short years.

After you have all your windows ready, it is important to get them installed. While installing the shutters on your own can save you money, it is much harder to do successfully. You need to have someone who has experience in the installation process. If your business or home is based in Melbourne for example a professional will be able to handle all the technical aspects of installing your shutters and will make sure that everything is installed correctly – check out

One of the best tips to prepare for a shutter installation is to make sure you follow all the installation instructions carefully. There are a lot of things that you will need to know about, including the exact measurements, tools that you need, and even the proper materials to use. By following the instructions and preparing ahead, you will ensure that everything will run smoothly and not cause any delays in the installation. There are also chances that you will make a mistake and hurt yourself during the installation process. It is better to be safe than sorry and to make sure you take every precaution before starting the installation process.


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