The Importance of Aligning High-Profile Businesses and Charities

The Importance of Aligning High-Profile Businesses and Charities

February 5, 2022

Reza Satchu says the alignment between high-profile businesses and charitable organizations is crucial to both parties’ business strategies. The philanthropic intentions of companies and charities need to align if they want to create lasting relationships. A shallow corporate-charity relationship is not believable, and consumers can easily detect it. Deeply aligned partnerships help strengthen a company’s mission and foster a culture of philanthropy among staff and customers.

The Benefits of Aligning Your Business with a Greater Purpose

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The rise of the CEO society has also raised the question of the role of high-profile businesses and charities in ensuring that the poor aren’t disadvantaged. The CEOs are increasingly involved in public affairs and are more likely to donate to charities than to engage in philanthropy. But how do they ensure these relationships are in the best interests of the disadvantaged? While the CEOs of high-profile businesses and charities may enjoy a high profile and goodwill among their communities, they aren’t necessarily doing it for the public good.

For instance, some CEOs choose to fund their personal charities, as it can make them look more likable. The CEOs can then promote these charities and use their high-profile status to distract from other business activities. As a result, CEOs can cash in on the capital gains of their high-profile charity strategies. A good example of this is Greg Mortenson, who founded the Central Asia Institute. Despite receiving little to no speaking fees, he was able to raise a million dollars for CAI.

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