Thailand Gaming Industry

Thailand Gaming Industry

October 20, 2022

According to a survey conducted by the i-dac Bangkok in August, most Thais are game addicts. The survey found that most gamers enjoy adventure, simulation, role-playing and action-games. Most of them also enjoy challenges. Regardless of their preferences, Thailand gamers seem to have a common thread: They enjoy challenges.

What percent of gamers are addicted?

Pongsuk Hiranprueck, the managing director of Show No Limit Co, which has been organizing the Thailand Game Show for 10 years, says video games are now as popular as the Olympics, and there are even professional gamers making a decent living playing games. Meanwhile, the market for advertising through video games is increasing. However, many game makers have been reluctant to integrate advertising into their games. Fortunately, there are newer forms of advertising called “optional rewarded ads”, which are less intrusive and allow smaller companies to generate revenue.

Although Thailand’s general English proficiency isn’t as good as those in other Southeast Asian countries, games localized in Thai enjoy much better reception. In fact, localized games account for half of the region’s top-selling titles and 35% of its top-performing games. While King and Supercell are among the most popular western UFA Slot เว็บพนันชั้นนำ developers in the country, there is also a strong local game development community.

While Thailand Gaming Industry is in its infancy, the government is willing to support the industry by providing incentives to promote competitions. For example, the government has collaborated with the Thai Game Software Industry Association, which is working to promote eSports as a professional sport. In addition, the Sports Authority of Thailand supports professional eSports athletes through the Professional Sports Promotion Fund.

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