Planning and Constructing a Playground

Planning and Constructing a Playground

October 3, 2023

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Playground construction is a large-scale project that takes a considerable amount of time to scope out and develop. Rushing the process can cause playground planning to go awry and result in playgrounds that do not encourage or stimulate children’s natural desire to engage in imaginative play.

During the design stage it is important to consider the age range of children that will be using the playground, and how the equipment will accommodate their needs. The use of different play zones helps to keep different ages engaged at the same time and also allows them to experience a variety of activities and skills.

Budget-Friendly Playground Construction Ideas for Communities

Once the initial plans are complete, it is necessary to apply for any required planning permission and then get the building work underway. The site works will include preparing the ground to support the surface type chosen, installing an appropriate drainage system, and providing an access route around the playground.

When constructing a new playground, the most important consideration is child safety. A thorough risk assessment must be carried out to ensure the final design complies with the relevant health and safety legislation.

A new playground is a substantial investment, so it is often necessary to fundraise in order to raise the funds to cover the cost of the build. This can be done by asking parents at a school to contribute or by arranging a variety of fundraising projects such as a bake sale, car wash, etc.

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