How to Prepare for a Temporary Overtime Increase

How to Prepare for a Temporary Overtime Increase

March 12, 2024

Overtime pay is a common way to supplement salaries for many employees. However, it can become expensive and can add to the stress of an already demanding job. For these reasons, it is important to carefully monitor overtime spending and to avoid paying overtime whenever possible.

Majoration heures supplémentaires interim can have a negative impact on employee morale and performance. For example, one study found that workers who are regularly required to work overtime may experience anxiety and depression. In addition, working long hours increases the risk of injuries, such as repetitive motion accidents or exposure to harmful chemicals (Aakerstedt 1994; Duchon et al. 1994; Rosa 1995).

Navigating Temporary Overtime Increases: Tips for Employers and Employees

In light of the potential overtime increase, it is important to take steps to prepare. This should include identifying which employees currently earn above the proposed threshold and tracking their weekly hours worked to assess the impact of an expected change. Employers should also be prepared to reevaluate positions, review pay practices, adjust payroll systems and consider changes to existing employee benefit programs, according to Laurie DuChateau, who leads Buck’s U.S. Compliance Consulting Practice.

The proposed rule would automatically update the salary threshold every three years using current earnings data and would restore overtime protections to an estimated 3.6 million salaried workers who are not exempt. It also includes a new automatic escalator provision that would increase the overtime exemption salary threshold to the 35th percentile of weekly earnings for all full-time salaried workers in the lowest wage census region and ensure that employers in U.S. territories covered by the federal minimum wage are subject to overtime rules.

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