How to Find the Best Workout Gear For Women

How to Find the Best Workout Gear For Women

June 14, 2023

workout gear for women

Whether you’re going to a yoga class, running outside or lifting weights in the gym, workout gear for women is key. You want clothes that can handle your sweat, feel great and help you achieve your fitness goals. But finding great activewear that’s comfortable, fits well and looks good — especially for those bleary-eyed mornings when you just want to slip your gym leggings on without a second thought — can be challenging.

Having the right gear can mean the difference between an annoyance and a workout you look forward to. The right pair of workout leggings that won’t ride up or pinch your calves, a high-support sports bra and a long-sleeve bodysuit that’ll keep you cool are essential. Likewise, the best workout tank top should hug your skin and be made from breathable fabric so it can absorb sweat and reduce odors. Look for options with wide straps if you have a small chest or a high armhole to avoid chaffing.

Fit and Fabulous: Essential Workout Gear for Women’s Active Lifestyles

Then, there’s the footwear. For a great run, you’ll want sneakers that are grippy on the ground and have plenty of cushioning. For a gym-to-casual style, you can’t go wrong with classic kicks like adidas, Nike or Under Armour.

If you’re unsure what kind of shoes to buy, talk to your trainer or instructor. They can give you tips on what sneakers work best for your body type and the types of workouts you do. They can also recommend brands and styles you may not have considered. Then, check out the reviews of each shoe on various websites and consider the cost-per-wear before making a purchase.

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