Home Cinema Installation – What You Need to Know

Home Cinema Installation – What You Need to Know

October 1, 2023


home cinema installation is the dream of many homeowners. They want to be able to enjoy their favorite movies and sports with friends without having to leave the comfort of their homes. However, this dream comes at a price. According to Thumbtack, the national average cost for a home theater is $2,000 to $33,000. That includes the sound system, TV and wiring.

One of the biggest factors in determining how much you’re going to spend on a home cinema is what kind of equipment you’re looking for. There are a wide range of options available, from high-end Dolby Atmos surround systems to simple flatscreen TVs and motorised screens.

The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Home Cinema: A Step-by-Step Installation Tutorial

Another big factor in determining your budget for home cinema is what kind of room you have and how you intend to use it. A lot of people choose to convert their attic into a media room, and this can be quite a costly project.

For a high-quality attic conversion with a 130 inch Innovations screen and Dolby Atmos surround system, you’re looking at around 15k + installation costs.

Once you’ve got your equipment installed, the next step is to set it up. The best way to do this is with an AV receiver, which acts as a hub for all your equipment. It’s important to have the right AV receiver for your system, as it will have a matrix of connections that need to be connected (left front, left back, centre, surround etc). Speakers connect to the AV receiver via speaker wire and banana plugs and are then tuned in by running test tones from the AV receiver to find the ‘sweet spot’.

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