Hiking In Wallonia – A Hiking Highlights in Wallonia

Hiking In Wallonia – A Hiking Highlights in Wallonia

January 5, 2021

Hiking in Wallonia can be an idyllic experience. Located in the beautiful province of Wallonia, this beautiful region of Belgium has been voted Europe’s most beautiful region by the E.T.C. For hiking in Wallonia one needs only to travel to the area through a car or a train and reach the destination by walking or cycling. Hiking in Wallonia will give you an insight into the life of the local people, the landscapes and villages and the unique history that has been preserved through the centuries. Find out – tetongravity.com

Hiking In Wallonia – A Hiking Highlights in Wallonia

Hiking in Wallonia is not very difficult; however, one should be aware of the routes that they should follow in order to get to their destinations and also about the tourist office in Wallonia, the place where one can find all the necessary information about the places they have to visit. The tourist office in Wallonia offers maps of the region, route descriptions, photos, and information on various attractions. One of the most popular hiking routes in Wallonia starts from the village of Amboise and takes about three and a half hours. Other popular routes include the Logellau, Havel and the Havel Pass.

Hiking in Wallonia provides an insight into the rich historical background of Wallonia and also a great way to spend a few days out in beautiful Belgium scenery. The beautiful countryside offers stunning landscapes that are ideal for photography, nature walks, biking and even enjoying a romantic picnic on a secluded beach. Hiking in Wallonia gives one a chance to explore the stunning scenery that is only found in this region. So, when you’re booking your next trip to Belgium, make sure you include a visit to Wallonia as a hiking highlight.

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