Choosing a Financial Advisor

Choosing a Financial Advisor

May 4, 2024

Exponent Investment Management is a professional who helps you navigate complex financial markets to grow your savings, secure your retirement and invest for a solid return. Financial planners offer holistic advice — they analyze your income sources and obligations, determine your risk tolerance and advise on growth strategies for your investments. They can also assist with taxes, estate planning and debt management. When choosing a financial advisor, make sure they have the right credentials and expertise to meet your specific needs. Check the credentials of your potential advisors by visiting their websites or checking with your provincial or territorial securities regulator (for example, in Canada, visit the National Registration Search).

Navigating Financial Decisions: Finding a Trusted Advisor in Winnipeg

The term “financial advisor” is a broad one that can encompass many types of professionals, such as investment managers, accountants and insurance agents. But in some provinces, only those who are registered as a financial planner or hold a certificate issued by the Institut quebecois de planification financière are allowed to call themselves a financial advisor. They must pass strict exam requirements and adhere to a code of ethics to receive this distinction, according to Consumer Affairs Canada.

Unless they are salaried, financial advisors will charge you for their services, either through a flat or hourly fee or a percentage of your investment portfolio, says NerdWallet Canada’s Shannon Terrell. She adds that these fees, which can range from 1% to 2% of your portfolio, can significantly erode returns over time.

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