Architectural Designers UK, Foster & Partners and Other Architectural Firms

Architectural Designers UK, Foster & Partners and Other Architectural Firms

July 19, 2021

Architectural-Designers in the United Kingdom are a small industry that is considered to be on the cutting edge of architectural services. In fact, there are several architectural firms throughout the country that cater to different clientele requirements, from corporate entities to government agencies and even private individuals. Architectural Designers UK is actually a division of Foster & Partners, a global management company that has branches in more than 100 countries around the world. Although the firm is internationally based, it has been able to create a solid reputation and brand in the UK. This is due to its expertise and commitment to quality and innovation.

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Recently, Foster & Partners UK was selected as one of the “World Leading Architectural Companies” by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). The award is given to the firm for its vision and commitment to innovative design and building technologies that have improved the efficiency of planning applications. Other recent awards from the prestigious organization include” Architect of the Year” and” warrants”. As a highly regarded and respected architectural firm, Foster & Partners has recently been contacted by several large UK clients, such as the construction and civil engineering giant ODA, and engineering consultancy giant Anacostia Ltd for advanced planning applications that improve the delivery of building structures.

Another firm located in the UK is the London-based architects recruitment specialists firm, Archicians, which has branches in Manchester, Birmingham, York and Edinburgh. The firm specialises in delivering specialist project services and expert architectural recruitment across the United Kingdom. The company boasts the largest number of professional architect sites in the United Kingdom. In addition, the firm works closely with leading UK lender, Avon Mortgage, to provide its expert architects to the housing market. Both firms aim to deliver the best architectural design solutions to clients in the UK.

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