Grasp Lab


As partnerships are key to leveraging our journalistic efforts, we are proud to present a snapshot of our selected editorial projects and partners from now and then.


Media Partners

Big Think –
Huffington Post –
Arch Daily –
Innovation Excellence –
Pro Journo –

Past Projects

Urban Informality (2014)
– Partners: WEF Global Agenda Council for Urban Development

DANSIC – Social Innovation (2014)
– Partners: Danish Social Innovation Club

Social Media Week (2013-2014)
– Partners: Social Media Week Copenhagen

Roundtable on Design, Innovation and Urbanization (2013)
– Partners: WEF Global Agenda Council for Design and Innovation

The New World Order (2013)
 Partners: St. Gallen Symposium

Carnegie Roundtable – Rethinking Management Education (2013)
 Partners: Harniel Stiftung, Copenhagen Business School, University of St. Gallen, Pro Journo

Hult Prize – Social Entrepreneurship (2013)
– Partners: Hult Prize, Innovation Excellence