Why Cities Must Plan With Inclusion In Mind

Around 180.000 people move into cities every day in search of better jobs and living conditions, but far too many end up in informal settlements, struggling to meet their most basic needs. To deal with urban...

An Organic Approach to City Design

In the quest for developing sustainable and liveable cities of the future, the urban planners, designers and architects should take a step back. According to Joi Ito, the Director of MIT Media Lab, the key to innovation is to empower and enable nature, rather than trying to control it.

The New Contender in the Game of Rankings

Business school rankings play a major role in the higher education environment. The fight for the top spots has increased over the past decade and it now resembles the struggles of a boxing match. But how can integrative management education as the new contender join the game of rankings?

Why Future Business Leaders need Philosophy

When addressing the challenges put forth by an increasingly complex business environment, looking to traditional business models will not suffice. What is needed is an increased focus on critical reasoning to challenge our basic assumptions of business models and practices.