Who we are

We are a vision-driven magazine that amplifies conversations on ideas that matter.

Founded in Copenhagen in 2012, Grasp emerged from our joint curiosity to explore new ways of understanding business. Since its inception, Grasp has been promoting a human-centered approach to business by evoking its interdependence with our humanistic values, purpose and shared living spaces.

The core ethos behind Grasp is that human understanding is an active force: To grasp something is both an act of learning and of creating. We therefore need to keep asking the right questions, explore new ideas and insights, and create the change we wish to see.

To us, some things on the frontiers of business are just too important not to debate.

What we do

We identify important, timely, and often overlooked, insights on education, urbanism and leadership, and amplify them to ensure that the local conversations reach a global audience.

We collaborate with thought-leaders, institutions, and organizations to bring forth their voices through features, interviews, opinion pieces, videos, and visualizations.

We share and syndicate the insights we gather in order for them to reach the biggest possible audience and gain the impact they deserve.